Q: What sets Outline Interiors apart from other interior designers?

A: Outline Interiors' principal designer Laura Tribbett has strong and varied experience.  She has worked closely under some of the industry's most successful traditionalists, as well as modernists. Under Laura's direction, we are able to inject different elements from multiple design aesthetics into your home successfully. We are not only creative, but also incredibly organized and highly-skilled at project management. You will not only have a beautiful home, but an enjoyable and low-stress design experience. 

Q: I don't live in Chicago, but I'd love to work with you - is that possible?

A: Yes - very much so! Through phone, email, Pinterest, and Facetime - working remotely has never been easier! We are happy to travel to you for in-person meetings, site consultations, sourcing excursions & local vendor meetings, and installation.  Check out the Los Angeles Nursery and Heights, Houston Residence images in our portfolio section. Both projects were successfully completed remotely!

Q: How would you define Outline Interior's 'look'?

A:  Each project is unique, but our typical aesthetic can be described as modern, clean, and comfortable.  We make an effort to get to know our clients and learn their personal preferences and lifestyle.  This relationship helps us create a design that is truly tailored for our clients.  We want you to feel completely at home in your interior. 

Q: What is the billing structure for your services?

A: Outline Interiors bills an hourly fee for all work performed on a project, as well as charges a design fee on items sourced and purchased through them. 

Q: How long does a typical project take?

A: Every project has different goals specific to the client. We'd like to set up an initial design consultation where we are able to discuss the project and gain a full understanding of the scope.  Following this meeting, we will be able to provide a time frame estimate. 

Q: I have several smaller design problems in my home that I need help with - is that something Outline Interiors can help me with?

A: Of course! Please send us a request through the 'Contact' page on this site. Describe your design challenges and goals and we'd be happy to get in touch and consult with you.

Q: I don't have a big budget for home furnishings, but I want my home to be beautiful. Can you help me?

A: Absolutely! Outline Interiors is happy to work on projects of all price ranges. One benefit of hiring us for a lower-budget project is that we are able to advise you on which items you can spend less on, and which items to invest in.  Working with young professionals and other clients new to this process is energizing!


Still have questions? Please reach out to us via our Contact page!