Family-Friendly Chic

For any young family, the Kitchen and Family Room tend to be the heart of the home. This is absolutely the case for this Hyde Park client.  Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in a beautiful warm neutral helped unify the Kitchen, Dining, and Living spaces within the room. Craving an elegant, but practical, aesthetic - sophisticated pieces in durable materials were selected. Two layers of window drapery lend flexibility and softness to the room, as well.  This may appear to be a 'look, but don't touch' room...but in all reality, it is quite the opposite.  

Laura is exceptional! I have a very busy family life (two working parents, and two active boys, ages 5 and 7) and needed to partner with someone to help me design my Family Room - the most important room in my new home. Laura took the time to help me understand my vision and helped me to design a room that is both elegant and practical.
— Nicola, client