Rooms fit for a Tween

We were recently approached to work with an eleven year old girl and her parents to transform a few rooms in their home, and we said 'uh YES, please!'. Our client was given permission by her older brother to take over his former bedroom with the highly-coveted bay window. We hit the jackpot with this young client - she had great ideas, articulated her likes and dislikes clearly, and made some great decisions from the options presented to her. For her bedroom, we did not shy away from color! Painting the walls a deep purple, and mixing in pops of teal created an age-appropriate, but not too trendy, space for her to enjoy for years to come. We designed a custom window seat bench and cushion to create a comfortable lounge space. Adding a layer of sheer drapery to soften the room really transformed the space. Our client had her heart set on a lofted bed / desk to truly make the most of her space - she's so pragmatic!

With our client moving into her new bedroom, it was time to convert her old bedroom into a lounge for hanging out with friends, as well as a space that can serve as a comfortable Guest Bedroom.  The room was not super spacious, so we kept it simple. Again, we added a bold color to the walls, and installed a comfortable sofa with a pull-out bed for guests. A pair of geometric knot floor cushions allows our client and her friends to enjoy lounging on the floor in style. High-gloss white, wall mount bookshelves currently display her extensive book collection and can be used to display different accessories for the entire family. 

We truly enjoyed the experience of working with our young client and her family. 


I love my new room. I love the colors and how everything matches. Laura has a creative eye and she was so nice to work with. She has different ideas which made the room stand out.
— "C", client, 11 years old