So fresh and so clean clean

There’s something to be said about having an en-suite bathroom off of your Master Bedroom. It’s your own private area - guests aren’t going in and out of it. You’ve finally arrived - congrats!

Our clients purchased a condo on Michigan Avenue that had a very generously-sized bathroom connected to their bedroom, but it left many things to be desired. The vanity was generously sized, but it only featured one sink basin, and the storage components were just not working for them. Not to mention, the finishes in the bathroom were classic early-2000s builder grade -12” x 12” cream tile everywhere, and the whole space was just super dated. It didn’t mesh with their personal clean, modern aesthetic and was a major missed opportunity.

We approached this bathroom transformation as a ‘rip-and-replace’. We did some light plumbing work to give them a second sink, but other than that - we ripped out of the old plumbing fixtures and replaced them with new ones. The bathroom itself does not have any windows, so we wanted to keep the finishes as bright as possible. Pale grey walls, white subway tile, and a glossy white floating vanity helped achieve this. But we couldn’t do an all-white bathroom for this client - they craved a little more interest and drama than that! A graphic porcelain tile floor is the perfect counterbalance to the otherwise super neutral space. Matte black fixtures, black grout, and black metal detailing in the lighting and medicine cabinets helps tie everything together in this super clean space.

We enjoyed our project with Laura and her team. It all started with our recently purchased condo having this gigantic master bathroom which comes with a one-sink vanity but no functional drawers at all! We knew that if we wanted to refresh it, it’ll have to be sooner than later because little one is on their way...We’re glad that we found Outline because - first of all, Laura’s taste for style totally matches mine; second of all, Laura’s very responsive and on top of things; last but not the least, they delivered a great final product. Of course, no home improvement project will happen without any glitch. Be prepared for unexpected uncontrollable elements along the way - especially if you have to work with the condo association - but Laura and her team was able to help solve the problems along the way. In the end, we got a lot of praises for our new master bathroom and we are so glad that we can enjoy it now every day.
— Yunyi, client